Subject: Meeting famous people while traveling (was: Mexico)
Hi John, thank you again.

I have read a lot about Frida, and I have seen a few years back what I recall as a special show of her work at the NY Metropolitan Museum. I appreciate more her work than Rivera's.

I was reading in Lonely Planet that Siqueiros the also well known Mexican painter was a Stalinist and that he led an attack on Trosky's house in May 1940. I have to tell you that I met Siqueiros many years ago flying from Buenos Aires to Mexico!! He was sitting next to me so we talked a lot. Long flight in those days. I was familiar with his work but I didn't realize till now that he had play such a part in the persecution of Trotsky.

Did we have a thread in TheTravelzine about meeting famous people while traveling? If we did, I guess I might be a little late but maybe we can resume the thread.

I also stayed in Madrid for several weeks in the Hotel Colon where Placido Domingo had an apartment where he lived. We met often. Very charming, polite a real Spaniard caballero.

While working at the United Nations I met tons of famous people but I guess that this is another story. Of all the people I have pictures with from that time, Eleanor Roosevelt is No.1.

Graziella in Miami Beach.