Subject: Re: Meeting famous people while traveling (was: Mexico)
Hello Graziella,

In Hayek's movie Frida Siquieros is played by Antonio Banderas. Does he resemble the original in any way? If so, perhaps your husband was a little leery of your partner in conversation.

All joking aside, I recommend you head down to Coyoacán while in Mexico City. You can visit Frida's house which is really quite a nice home, especially her studio. From there it is only a few blocks to Trotsky's last residence. You'll be amazed at the futile efforts he made to protect himself from Stalin's agents. An absolutely gorgeous home was intended to become a fortress but actually appears to be more of a prison. The guided tours are very interesting (although when we visited they were only given in Spanish; not a problem for you, of course) and they will touch on Siquieros' role in the first attempt on Trotsky's life.

Another site worth a visit in nearby Churubusco is El Museo de las Intervenciones in the Churubusco ex-Convento. This is the site where General Anaya surrendered to the American forces under Gen. Winfield Scott in 1847. An interesting footnote in history is commemorated on a plaque on the ex-convent's walls. Fighting alongside the Mexican troops was the St. Patrick's Battalion, a group of Irish-Americans soldiers who concluded that the war was unjust and subsequently deserted the American forces to join the in the Mexican defense.

Nearby in San Angel you can visit the home of Diego Rivera. This is where he and Frida lived through most of their marriage. The last time I was there it was closed for repairs. From what I hear it is well worth a visit. Plus, right across the street is the San Angel Inn where you can grab a bite to eat.

Or, alternatively, just off the zócalo in Coyoacán is La Guadalupana a traditional cantina that caters to a more well-rounded clientele than most Mexico City cantinas. You can grab a cerveza and some bocadillos for a little refreshment break. Be sure and check out the fountain in the center of the zócalo. Coyoacán means place of the coyote and this is well-represented by the fountain.

John in San Diego