Subject: Re: Calling US <>Europe

The most economical way that I've found is by signing up for ECG Long Distance at home for calling from home, and buying a prepaid calling card in whatever country I'm in for calling home.

ECG has rates that are in the 4-8 cents/minute for Europe, and other rates elsewhere. I've had all my home lines on there plan for a couple of years, at least. I remember waiting for my first bill with a few UK calls on it, to see what the catch was, and there wasn't any.

The only thing to watch for, is if you call a mobile phone, the rates are significantly higher. I believe it is not particular to ECG, just that in places outside the US, the caller pays for the call, including mobile charges.

In countries that I've been to, there's usually economical calling cards that make it cheap to call home.

Steve, in 90 degree Chino Hills