Subject: Re: Hotel in Bergamo Alta, Italy?
Hi Johannes,

I don't have any first hand experience in hotels in Bergamo and I ate only once in Bergamo Alta but I have a friend that live in Bergamo and he said about restaurants: - 'trattoria Sant'ambrogio' in Piazza Vecchia: good food but a bit expensive; - 'Ristorante Sole' in Piazza Vecchia: good food at reasonable price (where I ate a couple of years ago); - 'trattoria Barnaḅ' or 'da Mimmo' (pizza too) in Piazza Cittadella; - DON'T go to restaurant 'Donizzetti' in Piazza Vecchia: it is expensive and give few food. Hope it can help you.

Ciao, Marco in Milan - Italy