Subject: Re: Calling US <-> Europe
Hi Debbie,

I have used for years. A friend of mine uses for her calls to Germany.There is an access number, pin number etc etc. I use the World in one card it is a few cents more expensive 3.5 c/minute to Sweden but it bills in 30 second increments and has no monthly or dial up charges. They have many other cards as well to choose from. The problem with direct dial numbers that are advertised is that you pay FCC charges and taxes on top of your call. Calling from EUROPE I use a prepaid card or in some countries internet cafes. Within the country I buy a local SIM card and put it in my cell phone.

TIM in Italy charges 40 Euro initially and then you can refill as needed. You have your own local number and it is really useful to have.

Fanny in NYC