Subject: Re: Scotland
Hi Ziners:

We had intended to visit St. Andrews and we did. The guide books relate that the cathedral was pillaged to build the town. I guess it was sort of the church giving back to the congregation thing. It did, however, make for some great photos of the cemetary and remains of the cathedral.

We arrived in St. Andrews on a Sunday. Much to our delight, the Old Course is closed to golfers on Sunday and open to those who simply want to enjoy a stroll on the links. The New Course (just over 100 years old) was also closed this particular Sunday in preparation for the Dunhill Links Championship. We strolled the 1st, 2nd, 17th and 18th fairways before dining at Rusack's Hotel overlooking the 1st and 18th tees. I had great fun calling friends in the U.S. and telling them that we had just gotten off the 18th at St. Andrews' Old Course. ;-)

Temporary buildings had been erected to accommodate the functions of a championship and each building had a sign denoting its use, e.g., timekeepers. Yet, one intrigued us. Its sign read, Eventful Temps. We can speculate all day, but perhaps one of our Scottish friends could elaborate.

Speaking of language, Kathy, our waitress at Rusack's, had been there well over 20 years. She was a wealth of information and stories. Each time she picked up a dish to clear it, one of us would ask a question and she would put the dish back on the table and regale us in local lore. She told us her daughter moved to London to attend school and began to speak as they do in London. She told the young lady that she should be wary of losing her East Fife tongue. Curious now, I asked if there was a difference in the West Fife tongue. Again the plates landed back on the table and Kathy gave us examples of the differences in tongues between East and West Fife. As stated in an earlier message, you have to have an ear for the subtle differences which none of us do. She rued that the tongues are slowly losing their distinction. All was not lost however for the traditional Sunday meal of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding was superb. Did I say that we did not have a bad meal in Scotland? We did not.

Tom catching up in Carlisle