Subject: Re: Travelling alone?
Hi Frances and Ziners,

I've just started planning my second solo trip to Ireland. I had a fabulous time there last spring, and now I get to go again! I hadn't traveled along in years, my now-college-age-son was always with me. There's a lot to be said for traveling alone. I did find that B&Bs were the best. The hosts were very good about giving advice on what was ok to do alone and what wasn't - although, out in the countryside of rural Ireland, pretty much everything was safe. They also were very good about where the walking/hiking was good, and one was an expert in the ancient monuments and megaliths and sent me off to some places I'd never have seen without his directions. He told me to mention his name if a farmer or landowner questioned why I was there.

I'm looking forward to another great trip. I'll plan to stay at all B&Bs, and I'll ask them for advice and recommendations again.

Most B&Bs also have common areas where you can chat with other guests. The breakfast area, whether one table or many, provides the same opportunity. In pubs, if you ask questions about the area, people will chat for ages....

Susan in Maryland