Subject: Re: Florence, Assisi and Siena
Hi Ziners,

Just a few thoughts on travel between these places. I have been blessed with the opportunity to do a good deal of work in Tuscany, and I'm learning more and more about traveling in this area.

Train connections to Siena from most places: changes are almost always required, and if you like to plan like I do, you may find it trying to have to change through Chiusi, where most runs are not reservable.

In both Siena and Assisi, the train station is inconvenient for the town. In Assisi, you will certainly have to wait for a bus, or find a taxi, to take you back and forth to the train. The walk is straight uphill, long, and would be impossible for anyone other than a hardy athlete to accomplish if luggage was a part of the trip. The train to Assisi is not considered to be in the town of Assisi, but in Santa Maria Angeli (sp?).

It is a mistake to assume that train service perfectly covers every tourist destination in Italy. Throughout Tuscany, buses are used regularly. I suspect the same could be said for Umbria, but I have not personally experienced traveling there by public transportation.

Many guidebooks cover the use of buses throughout Tuscany, and many recommend bus service to Assisi. When you think of the time/trouble it may take to change from a train to a bus or taxi to get into the center of Siena or Assisi, it may be worth considering the bus, a very popular form of transit in Tuscany.

As far as I can tell, with the limited experience of a traveler and not a native, Italians do use the bus when it is the more convenient intercity option.

Italians out there, is this true?

Debbie in Pittsburgh, but heading back to Italy ASAP