Subject: Re: Travel Makeup Kits

First, let me thank everyone who recommended travel makeup kits to me this summer. I realized that I never shared my final choice, and I thought I should. So many Ziners were helpful. Thank you all.

The Trish McEvoy and Mary Kaye options were more than I wanted to spend, but if I hit the lottery, I am switching to Trish McEvoy. I investigated, and found this to be really nice makeup, with inspired and convenient travel kits.

I next tried to find the Italian Pupa that a Ziner recommended, but it wasn't easy, here in Pittsburgh, where the town is shrinking and shopping is abysmal. I finally found a small and very complete Pupa kit on Ebay.

The color choices weren't perfect and there was too much eye makeup and no foundation or powder (I don't want both, but one is necessary). I was disappointed, but my talented and clever husband saved the day. He used tiny drill bits and files, and a bit of glue, to take the Pupa kit apart, remove the things I didn't want, and put in four tiny pruducts that were part of department store makeup promotions.

(A Ziner suggested putting a kit together from these makeup freebies.)

My final kit wasn't perfect, but at 2.5 inches high, and 4 inches long, containing everything I needed, it did the job. The Pupa kit I got on Ebay looks like a larger than average plastic compact, and it has two layers inside. With my husband's brilliant tricks, we added a bottom layer, and a wire handle to remove the original bottom layer in order to get at the new bottom.

Thanks again to everyone who offered such great choices. Debbie in Pittsburgh