Subject: Planning holidays around famous people
Hi, Lucy and Ziners,

This weekend my bf and I took a self-guided walking tour of Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. Two small guide books are available in the office there and are nicely done, informative and easy to follow. The first people buried in the site were soldiers from the Revolutionary Battle of Long Island. From the spectacular gates of the cemetery on 25th Street and 5th Avenue you can see the Statue of Liberty.

The Tiffanys, FAO Schwarz founder, Leonard Berstein, Wesson of Wesson Oil, gangsters, politicians, an American Indian princess, Civil War veterans, and many other famous and infamous characters are all buried there. Reading the tour books gives a fantastic look into some of the stories that make up New York City.

There's a lovely chapel just restored that was designed by the same architect that designed Grand Central Station.

In addition, the ponds are bird sanctuaries. There are guided tours as well, but I do think the self-guided tours are great.

Marge in Brooklyn, NY