Subject: Re: Vancouver to Ambergris Caye
Hello Terry and fellow ziners, I went to ambergris caye three years ago and loved it. I just pulled out my information for a co-worker so it's handy for this. I went snorkeling for the first time (3 times in two days)beware of the sun I forgot about my exposed back! Ambergris has an excellent web site

It lists most the information you need to know. I stayed at the sunbreeze hotel($100/day)which is just across the street from the small airport and close to everything.

Also,the caribbean villas look reasobable. Just check the website which lists all the acccommodations and go with what you like. For the boat just go down the line of boat masters, talk to them about your concerns, look at their boats and prices and go with the one you feel most comfortable. I would not recommend the one closest to the sunbreeze but it's just because I didn't like their sales pitch before I used them and I still didn't like them after I went on a snorkel with them.If you like lobster there's a restaurant in the north part of downtown that is popular for their used of lobster but I can't find the name, the same family has one of the oldest dive shops and a small B& B.I felt downtown was about 1-2 miles long and 1-2 wide. Very walkable. There are only local cars allowed. You can rent golf cart for more exploing but when I was there the potholes were horrible and I could not return the golf cart soon enough.If you have any questions,Just write me personally

Wilma from K.C.