Subject: Re: Planning holidays around famous people
Hi, Ziners:

I admit to a fascination of haunting places made memorable by famous people or well-known writings, with everything from St Columba's route across the Irish Sea to Iona, to the hilltop by the Jordan reputed to be the site of Elijah's ecstatic vision of the whirlwind & just about everything in between.

One of my faves ocurred during a trip my sister the artist & I made to Cuba for Jose Marti's birthday. After lurking near the University of Havana for hours, trying to look anything other than Yanks, we staked out a corner by which the parade would wend its way thru Havana, & Fidel Castro passed within 10 feet of our spot. No matter your politics, you can't help but know that the man has an palpable aura of power & passion. He took my breath away & luckily the security folk surrounding him didn't take me away as well.

And Dove Cottage: good grief, how did all those literary types ever survive a dreary cold English winter in that tiny house?

This thread has inspired me to try to chronicle some of my journeys with theme in mind.

Gail In Eugene but never for long