Subject: Re: Cruising
Hi Candice:

Thanks for the info on guides. The only port we hit is Lisbon and I've been there quite a few times so we don't plan on taking a tour.

Another question re ports of call - we dock at Casablanca for the day (6 am - 8 pm) and I would dearly like to go Marrakech but read that it's a 4 hour bus trip each way. We would take a transfer as the cruise line calls it - which means we go by bus and they will drop us in Marrakech to be on our own and then pick us up at an appointed time and place. Is it all worth what is probably going to be not

a very pleasant ride for a few hours in Marrakech? All comments welcome.

No news yet on our flights to Rome - hopefully 2 weeks today we leave!!

Barbara Toronto