Subject: Re: Dining in Mexico
Hi John and all, Thank you for the inf. regarding dining in Mexico City. :-)

A few more questions regarding security, (The travel books are a little scary)

1) ATM. Do I have to assume that using ATMs should be limited to the INSIDE of banks?

2)Can sitio taxis can be taken at the SITIOS? (Simply getting the first in line or should I have the trip registered by the person in the sitio booth?)

3) Once inside a sitio taxi, radio taxi, hotel taxi or the like a person should be reasonably safe, day and night? After reading some book it seems that even when you are inside the taxi you might be at risk of being attacked.....WOW!

When staying in a hotel that I suspect their taxis or cars are twice the price of a taxi, in order cities for long trips I have called on the phone for a taxi and waited outside the hotel. This was true while staying in the Gerber Hotel in Budapest, I had checked previously and they wanted to charge us twice + to go to the airport. The doormen gave us the look...:-)

Thank you. Graziella, Miami Beach