Subject: Mexico City Security
Hi Graziella,

1) ATMs are predominantly in a small windowed room/alcove near the entrance to the bank. Your card is swiped through a magnetic reader at the door which lets you enter the room. The same type of ATM that we've encountered all throughout Latin America. I would suggest making your transactions earlier in the business day. Going into one of these at night can be a bit creepy (although I've done it numerous times).

2) Probably best to register with the person in the sitio booth. Frankly, I can't recall the process. We use the subway quite a bit while in Mexico City (do beware of pickpockets). That isn't to say we don't use the taxis. We do. We usually have the hotel call for a taxi if we are leaving from the hotel. Or we'll head to a sitio. The cost of the rides have never seemed an issue. They are pretty cheap.

The best way to get to your hotel from the airport is to take one of the official taxis. Buy a ticket at the stand near the luggage claim. The tickets are sold by zone (the Majestic is probably in zone 4 and should cost about $140 to $170 pesos). Ask the desk clerk at the Majestic about the taxi situation. Explain your concerns. Let a local explain the situation.

I've been traveling to Mexico City for almost 30 years. And, unfortunately, crime has increased in that time. But as is always suggested to Travelziners visiting the world's major cities just keep your awareness levels high and you should have no problem.

John in San Diego