Subject: Re: Egyptian Tour Companies
Hi Carol,

I too have been busy planning my perfect Egyptian trip (who knows when I'll actually take it!) and have been visiting many of the tour operator sites listed on the excellent TourEgypt site that both Lisa and Covadonga recommended.

As I wasn't looking for a trip to the Red Sea I hadn't bookmarked any specially, but I instantly recalled this one:

This isn't a recommendation as I have no knowledge of the organisation or the tour outside of the web page but I cite it as an example that what you are after can probably be achieved (even if it may require a hasty pace). This is only 12 days and even then it is Day 1 arrival and Day 12 departure but it still fits in the Cairo->Aswan flight, Aswan->Luxor cruise, and detour to Hurgada / Red Sea. Starts and ends in Cairo where you could tack on extra days if needs be.

And of course there are a number of organisations who will help you customise your dream tour if you so desire. Happy planning!

Megan Brisbane, Australia