Subject: Re: Keukenhof 2004
Hi Megan,

I have been to Keukenhof twice. I think you will find it nice whenever you go. There is no way to predict what the Spring weather will be based upon the current weather. Early May is a bit late for the tulips except in a cold year.

Keukenhof has acres of bulb beds specifically created to have something in bloom all the time. There are also greenhouses so even if one bulb is past, you can often see a great display in the greenhouses. The greenhouses are also nice when it is raining. Our first visit to Keukenhof was in 1996. This was a cold spring and the blooms were very late. We arrived in Holland mid-April and the tulips did not start to bloom until end of April and were going strong in early May. I visited again in 2002 and the tulips were almost finished by end of April. Typically, I would expect daffodils in early April and Tulips mid-late April/Early May.

I would recommend going a bit earlier in late April. There are a couple of other events that happen in late April. There is a flower parade from Noordwijk to Haarlem on April 24th called the Bloemencorso. There are floats and decorated cars. In Brussels, King Leopold's greenhouses are open for a month. You can read about it in this Smithsonian magazine article; Also April 30th is the Queen's Birthday in the Netherlands. This is a large ruckus street party that is not for everyone but it can be fun. I have some notes from our 1996 trip posted here:

Happy Travels, Marta in Washington State