Subject: Re: Key West In January
Dear Winnie,

We stayed in Key West several years ago for days in early December. I understand that the population of Key West really grows during the snowbird months.

I strongly suggest that one of the first things that you do is take the ride around Key West - it starts near the tourist bureau in the center of town (halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean) - it will give you a great perspective of Key West and what you may want to go back to. As well, every nite except Christmas Eve there is a sunset party down at the harbour/pier - a must see - especially the hour before sunset when all the buskers are out - quite spectacular. Another two places to see the sun set from is from a boat cruise off the harbour - quite beautiful and also there is one tall building on the main street of Key West (4 stories high - they have since banned tall buildings) and they have a bar on the roof - worth going there one nite for drink and to watch the sunset.

Re: restaurants - Louis' Backyard is very good but expensive. There is also a Cuban restaurant (forget name, was before I kept notes but it is in the automobile club book on Key West).

Key West was also home to Jimmy Buffet - if you are a fan visiting his bar/restaurant/store is worth it.

Enjoy, Carol Toronto