Subject: Re: Missed it!
Hi Linda,

You asked about similar experiences in our travels. Ones that come to mind immediately:

An example of being not only at the right time but the right location: We were in Greece at Easter time one year without realizing it ahead of time (different schedule than our Easter) and witnessed the magnificent celebrations of the Greek Orthodox Church. We just happened to be in a hotel directly across from the main church, with a room on the 3rd floor. We witnessed some of the most spectacular pagentry in the street as it passed by our hotel room window vantage point.

Another time--we were celebrating a special wedding anniversary at Christmas time in Venezuela and were in Caracas at the time. We were wandering in the streets when all of a sudden we saw that the military were moving in and soldiers were taking positions on roof tops, etc. with guns pointing down at the people beginning to crowd around. All of a sudden a helicopter appeared and landed with Santa Claus inside! We never found out why the military was necessary and in such a militant stance. This was 1984.

Joan Peterson