Subject: Re: Missed it!
Hi Linda,

Last June when I was in Paris, the chocolate festival was on.

Additionallly, there was an exhibition on the Champs Elysee of all the new European railway trains that would be coming into service in the next year or so. They were all lined up on temporary tracks that were built for them along the Champs. Two free and wonderful things to enjoy that I had simply stumbled upon.

Another one.........

A few years ago, we decided to welcome the the year 2000 in Hobart, Tasmania, knowing that the winners of the famous Sydney to Hobart race usually get into town around the first of the year after leaving Sydney on Dec 26th. Combined with ringing in the new milennium, we knew this would be an incredibly fun and festive time to be there. However, what we didn't know was that the first week of January every year, is the incredible Taste of Tasmania festival. For an entire week, a huge area on the dock is tented over and food and wine vendors from all over Tasmania gather to show off their talents and their products. Emu farms serving emu pizza and emu carpacio, wonderful lamb, fresh fish & chips, pesticide-free bluberries the size of grapes served in a cloud of organic creme, many unusual fruits, exotic fish and seafood, a vast array of cheeses and of course, fantastic wines, both still and sparkling. Indoors and outdoors were musicians, bands, performance artists,dance troops, concerts. It's a week of nonstop fun and other than food purchases, it's free. As if being in Tasmania for the milennium and the boat race weren't enough, accidently finding this food festival, made for an awesome time in Tassie!

Candice NYC