Subject: Re: Missed it!
Hi Ziners In the early '70s we were travelling as young innocents crossing the border from Spain to Portugal - five long haired kids in a rental car that we had beaten up - and were ignorant of the news. Border guards checked out our car, the trunk of which was being held together by clothes hangers by this time, and waved us through. We passed through towns with promimently displayed communist signs everwhere amd we thought Oh well, this is Europe. Only when we arrived in Lisbon and read the Herald Tribune did we find out that there had been a coup d'etat. But all seemed normal, so we missed the coup.

On a happier note, we spent two days in Kos, Greece in the mid-80s and were welcomed by the Greeks in a fashion that we had not expected.

Apparently, a troupe from Canada had just performed in the outdoor theatre on the island so, as Canadians, we were recognized as hailing from the country.

Lucy in Toronto