Subject: Re: Key West Hotel
Hi Winnie, Jennie and Ziners,

I really like Key West and try to go back every two to three years.

I stayed at the Washington Street Inn for a week last July. It was pleasant and I liked the owners. It is about a 15 minute walk to Duval street and then another 10 minutes to Mallory Square.

They still have breakfast by the pool. It is near the southeast end of Duval, the older, poorer side of the island and most of the better, historic, B& B's and bars and restaurants are near the southwest end of the Duval. But the area is very nice and quiet and it felt safe to me.

The hotels in Key West come in two flavors, gay only and gay and straight, so you should ask the hotel before you go. Washington Street has both gay and straight.

Also, many of the B& B's and some of the hotels do not have parking, other than street parking which can be difficult to use. So ask about parking when you call.

Jim in Houston