Subject: Re: Perugia Guidebooks
Ziners. Thanks to all of you who responded to our request for books on Perugia. As several of you said, there really isn't much out there. We have several books on Umbria in general, but we were really hoping to find something that went into more depth about Perugia specifically, and we would especially like to find a book detailing walking tours of the city.

A couple of you mentioned the book by Montella, but unfortunately our Italian just isn't up to that. We also found a copy of the Mancini book in the university library in Williamsburg, VA, but again it proved (contrary to what we had expected) to be in Italian.

There is a book by Margaret Symonds, which we have, but since it was written in 1902 it is of somewhat limited usefulness. True, the major monuments and buildings are still in the same places, but much else has changed, museums have been relocated, and places once closed are now open to the public (and vice-versa); so while this is a fascinating book to read it will probably not be very helpful on the spot.

The Blue Guide to Umbria is excellent, as is the Cadogan Guide. Again, though, Perugia receives surprisingly scant coverage. I would have expected such an important and beautiful city to get more attention from writers of guidebooks.

The websites many of you mentioned are extremely useful, as are a few more we discovered on our own (we are tireless researchers, really overdoing trip preparations according to many of our friends, but we have been doing this for decades and are not likely to change now).

Thanks again for all your help. We will apparently have to work with what we have and what you have recommended, then look for something more detailed when we get to Perugia.

Linda and Ron