Subject: New Orleans restaurant recommendation
Hi Everyone,

Lucy asked recently if anyone was up for a get together in New Orleans. Unfortunately, I'm not. I am delighted to have an opportunity to recommend Bayona restaurant, however. I was last there in the spring, and found it while looking for promising restaurants in a local paper. They advertised at that time a $13 selection of lunch entrees and 13 cent! martinis. This as a way to celebrate their thirteenth anniversary in business.

That ad got me in the door, but what was memorable was the ambience of the small dining room, the charm of the staff and the superb food. I must say that the creme brulee was the best that I've had! (Brave words, brave claim).

Anyway, I felt very lucky as a tourist to the city to stumble on to such a find, and I look forward to a return visit.

I'm sorry that I can't provide the address, but it's in the French Quarter, and an easy walk from any hotel therein.

An aside...I saw *Runaway Jury* this past weekend. It's set in New Orleans..and features a famous bar that I've patronized and enjoyed....the *Napolean*...I did quite enjoy this courtroom drama, incidentally...particularly the presence of onetimes room mates, Hoffman and Hackman...

Cheers for now, Al Luke, (from London,Can)

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