Subject: Re: Hotel in Berlin - Which one? and Operas
Hi, Covadonga

As about hotels I recommend you Ku'Dam area - more friendly and looks less like a museum. The East is too pompose to live there, I think - at least the area where the hotels are situated.

About the Operas. They have two operas. The best today is StaatsOpera Unter-den-Linden. It's beautiful inside and the level is a top one. Don't miss it!!!

The second (Deutch Opera) is at the Western part and today less important, though very good performances can be found. But the building is totally ugly - modern blocks.

The philharmonic orchestra of Berlin by Daniel Birenboim from Israel is a real must. Today it's one of the best in the world. Sometimes they also play in the opera.

The Comische Opera is a nice one and worth a visit if you already visited Unter-den- Linden and the Philharmony.

Try also to go to some Variety show like Wintergarten das Variete - easy and with a good taste.

For some top performance in Deutch style visit FriedriechStadtPalast.

And in addition to the visit of Berlin - don't miss the palaces of Potsdam. You need the whole day, because Potsdam is real beauty and lots to see.

Enjoy your trip, Alex Elbert Jerusalem, Israel