Subject: Re: Ecuador
Hi, Thank you, Gail, for your recounting of your time in the Amazon area of Ecuador. I am familiar with the malaria medication you mentioned having taken it on two different occasions; however, it has never given me the wild dreams that many report... guess I am lucky?

Can you tell me what year you were there and which ground provider you used? I am looking for a reliable local company to deal with. The company known as Neblina Forest has been mentioned by someone. Also will you tell me where in the Andean Highlands you went and at what lodges you stayed both there and in the Amazon? It appears from my research that there are a number of nice one in several different areas so I'd love to hear your recommendations.

Thank you also for your high altitude warning. I live at 5500 feet so will try to get in some hiking at 6500 before we make this trip. It will be more difficult on our friends from Florida who will be joining us.

Looking forward to hearing your replies and from anyone else who might have visited this country. Surely there are other Travelzine members in our large population who have traveled on the mainland of Ecuador.

Happy Travels to All, Ruth Marie Colorado