Subject: Re: Re: Ecuador/Altitude Sickness

I cannot remember the name of the medication, (it is a steroid) but if no one else can, I recommend contacting a travel medicine clinic. I bet the Universityof Wisconsin at Madison has one, but if not, try Northwestern in Chicago. The address is 201 E. Huron and the phone number is 312-926-3155. When I need medical advice for travel, I schedule an appointment there. They provide immunizations, prescriptions and lots of information for wherever I am headed.

It has been about five years since I went to a high altitude location, but the recommendations were mixed with regard to taking the medication. It's effectiveness was not proven, and, it being a steroid, some doctors were leary of prescribing it. I opted not to take it. My worst symptoms were slight headache, some sleeplessness and shortness of breath. The highest spot I visited was Lake Titicaca, which I think was somewhere around 13,000 feet.

Lisa in Chicago