Subject: Re: Ecuador
Dear Friends,

My husband and I are planning our March 2004 trip to Ecuador and Panama. The only thing we have set in stone is that we are flying from Miami to Quito on March 1. Two nights in Quito and then (through our booking with Sanjay/Martin Slater) on to the Galapagos for 1 week returning to Quito on Wednesday, March 10. We would like to spend some time in the highlands (looking at Hacienda Cusin) and then on to Panama for 2 weeks, returning to Miami on Sunday or Monday, March 28 or 29. Any suggestions to our plan as to what to incorporate, what we shouldn't overlook, etc in Ecuador or Panama is sincerely appreciated!

We have arranged for a full transit of the Panama Canal on Saturday, March 20--something we've always wanted to do! Hotel, B&B suggestions in Ecuador and Panama appreciated! In Panama we do plan to fly to David and then rent a car and tour the area for a week or so. Any input is always appreciated!

With kindest regards, Jane, Boca Raton