Subject: Altitude sickness

I just went hiking on Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and got to feel the altitude problems a little. I normally live at sea level and in Norway we don't really have mountains that are high enough to give proper altitude training. So when I went to Kilimanjaro I was a bit nervous to see how my body would react to the altitude. We tried to follow the advice of our tour guide: drink a lot of water, eat well, stay warm and walk slowly. So we tried to keep the pace down so that we could breathe through the nose at all times. We did feel the altitude problems when we reached 4500 meters...3 out of 4 in the group felt sick and 2 did vomit. But we went down to 3900 meter to our camp for the night and the next day it seemed like our bodies had gotten used to it. So when we went to Uhuru Peak at 5895 meters we handled the altitude pretty good.

Regards, Gard Karlsen Stavanger, Norway