Subject: Re: Questions on India
In reply to Joan of Malden Bridge, who is travelling to India in January, my husband wrote a travelogue on our visit to India in 1997, which included accounts of our stay in Rajasthan. I would be happy to send this to you as an attached document if you would like it, or you can read it on the web at . We also visited India for two months in 2000/2001, but restricted our travels to the South (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Goa. We are planning a return visit this December.

If you give me an idea of what specific places you are planning to visit, I may be able to help you with more information. In 1997 we travelled extensively by train, using an Indiarail pass. On our last visit we used mostly buses as we were going to more out-of-the way places.

Ann Widdowson Victoria, BC