Subject: Vienna hotels
Molly, We're not too fussy about where we stay so long as it is clean and quiet, so in Vienna we stayed at the YMCA. As it turned out,it was perfect. Clean and quiet and inside the ring so we could walk or take the subway everywhere.

Vienna was not what I expected it to be. I suppose I had a romantic notion of what it should be but it wasn't there. The Danube is not blue and the only Viennese who waltz are the debutantes with rich fathers. Nevertheless there are things to enjoy. You must visit the Schonbrunn - a short bus ride from Vienna. This is the romantic Vienna that we all dream about. It is one of the most beautiful courtly country homes you will ever visit. Here's one site.

We found Austria to be a rather bizarre country to visit. The people were not forthcoming in general and, after many years of yearning to visit, I'm not sure that I would rush back. I was generally disappointed with Vienna and did not like Salszurg at all. Lucy