Subject: Re: Vienna and Salzburg
Hi -

We were in Vienna and Salzburg a few years ago. We loved both cities and would definitely want to go back to both of them. I want to second the recommendation for the Hotel Biedermeier in Vienna. That's where we stayed. It was very convenient (a short walk to the Ring) and very nice in general with a great courtyard. I definitely recommend staying inside the Ring or close to it. Vienna is a very walkable city and they also have a good system of trams. A fun thing to do when you get there is to take tram #2, which goes around the Ring. It's a great way to get an overview. Vienna seems very old European and majestic. There are many beautiful buildings and fabulous museums. We got standing room tickets at the opera for $3.00 each and ended up with an amazing view of the stage.

We also loved Salzburg. For a small city, there were a surprising number of things to see and do there. It's especially fun if you love the Sound of Music since you will see lots of locations from the movie. We actually took a Sound of Music tour that goes outside the city and into the surrounding area which is very beautiful. We took a wonderful tour of the Festival Halls (in Salzburg) and got to stand on the stage where they sang in the competition near the end of the movie. I also loved going up to the fortress, both to see the fortress itself and for the wonderful views of Salzburg and the surrounding areas. One really special thing we did there was to see The Magic Flute at the Marionette Theatre.

We got the Vienna and Salzburg Cards and found both to be well worth the money.

Jamie Natick, MA