Subject: Re: Vienna hotels & Salzburg
Dear Ziners

Re Salzburg and tourists, I can understand Lucy's comments re the tourists - I would say depending when you go, it can be very nice. Salzburg has amazing history, many beautiful churches, the fortress - it was the seat of the bishop and the fortress was where he would go if he thought he was in danger. The scenery is quite something else as well, surrounded by mountains. We were there in September, after the Salzburg Music Festival and used Rick Steves book, Europe Through the Back Door, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Prague - it has amazing information including very non touristy walks and places to see.

We stayed just outside Salzburg at a bed and Breakfast - found out about it again through Rick Steves Book - Hotels in Salzburg can be quite expensive, this place was very reasonable - we paid 75 Euros per night - it was a large room with a kitchenette - breakfast was included. We took the bus into Salzburg, a 15 minute ride - and buying bus tickets is easy, right on the bus.

We enjoyed Salzburg, granted we met a friend there which certainly added to the enjoyment.

Carol Toronto