Subject: Salzburg & Mozart (Was: Vienna hotels & Salsburg)
Hi Ziners ...

Lucy mentioned that while in Salzburg, she never heard Mozart's music while there. When we were there last summer, we attended two Mozart concerts that were absolutely fabulous! One was in the fortress overlooking the city and was played on period instruments and the other was a dinner concert at the Baroque Hall of St. Peter, the oldest restaurant in Europe founded in 803 and We had dinner in the fortress before the concert and it was delicious. The meal at the Baroque Hall was very good but nothing to rave about however the ambience and music made it all worthwhile. We made our reservations through Panorama Tours prior to going to Vienna and the tickets were waiting for us at our hotel.

Yes, Salzburg can be very crowded but to us, it was very enjoyable, but then we are lover's of Mozart and his music. We had, in fact, forgotten that the Sound of Music was filmed there so that, too, was a pleasant surprise although we didn't take any of the tours that included that aspect. The Saturday morning market in old Salzburg is not to be missed either.

Cynthia Pomona, NY