Subject: Re: Vienna hotels & Salsburg

I mentioned going to Marienbad or Carlsbad partly because they exude the old world charm and romance that another Ziner thought had been lost from Vienna. People stroll around parks and streets lined with gorgeous baroque buildings, stop for tea, classical concerts in the evenings, etc. I've never stayed overnight in Carlsbad, but did spend a couple of days in Marienbad, where one goes to drink the waters -- people walk around with cups and drink from fountains all over town. Most of the spas there are associated with hotels and limited to guests, but there are one or two spas open to the public. There are baths, but the other spa treatments don't involve the sort of pampering found in the US, though they were . . . invigorating.

I have no advice on how to get there on public transport; we drove a rental car.

Carol in Boulder