Subject: Re: Buying trip cancellation insurance (TCI)
Hi Ziners,

We have trip interruption coverage already (credit card, I think) but we buy cancellation coverage in case we are prevented from going. We never were concerned when my parents were younger (perhaps we should have worried, though) but now, we get the coverage. Some costs are recoverable (if you don't go, you won't have to pay for meals, etc.) but other costs such as flight, perhaps prepaid accommodation or package may not be able to be cancelled. I think you have to be realistic about the amount of coverage you need. As for health insurance, check what your company health plan covers. Check the fine print though - RBC travel insurance doesn't pay up if your trip is interrupted or cancelled by the death of a close relative if he or she has been taking nitroglycerin more than once a week for relief of angina pain, for example.

I have to say I am a teeny bit superstitious too - buy the insurance and NOTHING bad will happen!

Frances Toronto, Canada