Subject: Re:Eastern Europe itinerary ideas
Russell, although I travelled extensively in eastern Europe, that was back in the '70s. But last spring a very close friend of mine had an interesting self-driving tour that covered Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Krakow and Prague.He, too, knew the area from former travelling, and he reported being now more attracted by small towns, as opposed to large cities.Prague, for example, is rapidly completing its transformation into a kind of Disneyland.I will mention just one gem of a town my friend found absolutely enchanting. It's called Telc ( with an inverted circumflex accent on the final c), and it was not my friend's personal discovery, if it's also listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites ! It lies west of Brno. Another nice place is Cesky Krumlov.Prices are also a lot more reasonable in these small towns,and people more friendly. You would also like to reach Krakow through Slovakia.Slovakia has retained much of its genuine atmosphere ; it is less wealthy than its former sister nation, the Czech Republic. The prices here are even lower. (I still remember my first dinner in (Cheko)slovakia in 1975 , when a full meal with a large exceptional draught beer costed the equivalent of 80 cents U.S. !) Have a nice time in europe.

Leonardo from Italy