Subject: Re: Vienna Hotel (with charm)
Hi Candice, I have been talking with my friends in Vienna, and they have told me that one of the places TO BE now is the Spittelberg area. It is located behing the Rathaus and the new Museum Quartier. Its Christmas market has always been different and very entertaining. Also, as it is located near the new museums , it will give you an insight into something different to the typical austrian kitsch (nothing against it, but I think that Vienna is way underrated regarding its style, and the gold and plush red velvet seem to take over :) ).

An hotel that has been recommended to me is the Pension Altstadt , and after seeing the pictures on their website, I fully understand why. It is well located, and you can walk from there into the City. Although the Koenig von Ungarn has always been one of my favourites. I love that location in the old town ... The style is really different between the two places, so it would be up to you.

Although if you are looking for design ... Das Triest is in the same area as the Kaiserhof ... maybe a bit too cold?

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain