Subject: Re: Vienna Hotel (with charm)
HI Covadonga,

Many thanks for the information.

Das Triest was the first hotel I looked at and they're completely booked up for the week of June that we'll be there. But you're right, the decor was too cold for my tastes anyway. So anyone who'd thinking about staying there this spring should book NOW!

I have booked at both the Alstadt as well as the Konig von Ungarn. It's a difficult choice deciding between the two very different styles. Hence I have a couple of questions that may help me decide.....

Do you feel that both these hotels are in equally good locations? (are they near each other?) Are either one of these in the Spittelberg area that your friends say the *the* area now? Regarding your friends that stayed at the Alstadt.....Do you know if they stayed in a standard room or a suite? I've booked a standard. The suite would run about $40. a night more, and to be honest I'd rather save the money. However, if the standard rooms are not desirable, it might be worth the extra money.

Again, many thanks. Candice NYC