Subject: Rosticceria in Florence?
Hi Ziners,

What has happened to the little rosticcerie that used to be just about everywhere in Italian cities? Years ago, when in Italy, we used to pick up a pollo arrosto anytime and take it back to the hotel for dinner. Last year we spent some time in an apartment in Florence and looked for such places, but we never found any. Have they gone out of style? Or were we just looking in all the wrong places?

Specifically, next March we will again be staying in an apartment in central Florence, in the via della Rosa in the Santa Croce quarter. Does anyone know of a place near there where we might be able to get pollo arrosto to take out?

Also, we are familiar with the Standa market in via Pietrapiana, but does anyone know of other supermarkets in central Florence? We have been told that there is a Coop, but we have not been able to locate one except in the suburbs of the city.

Linda and Ron Fredericksburg, VA (Near Washington, DC)