Subject: Re: Vienna Hotel (with charm)
Hi Molly,

the Altstadt is located in Neubau (thatīs the name of the district where Spittelberg is located), district number 7. You will recognize it for the 1070 as postal code. 1010 is the postal code for the Old Town or City, 1020 is the one for Leopoldstadt, across the river, where most of the jewish immigrants from the East used to stay when they were arriving into Vienna at the beginning of the 20th century ... All of the districts in Vienna have a name and a distinctive flavour ...

The Old Town, where the K#nig von Ungarn is located, is inside the Ring, the magnificent avenue that came to live at the end of the 19th century when the walls were tore down.

My friends are living in Vienna, and when I asked them about interesting hotels to stay in Spittelberg, they passed a couple of names : the Altstadt and the Kugel . This last one also looks nice, but it is kind of bigger that the Altstadt. I donīt think that there will be a big difference between the normal rooms and the suites. Maybe size ... But I have read in their web that they donīt have AC. They recommend to book a room in the lower floor if you are afraid of the heat, so check about this with them. AC is not at all usual in Central Europe, even in some 5 star hotels, and summers can be really bad there.

Here you have the location map for the Altstadt :

Bye, Covadonga