Subject: Re: Trip Insurance
Hi Mei-Ching, Purchase your trip cancellation insurance from Access America, Travel Guard, CSA, or any number of companies - but whatever you do, you usually don't want to purchase it from the tour company you're using. Their own default, or bankruptcy, is not covered. Most insurance rates are based on age and the price of the trip. You can look these companies up on the internet and see if they offer coverage for the tour company and/or airline you are using. For example, you don't get coverage for your airline ticket in the event the airline you are using should cease flying, if they have already filed for bankruptcy protection.

Your travel agent should have offered you this insurance when you purchaed the trip. Why? Because most companies that I know of have the 14-day waiver for pre-existing conditions. So you have the maximum protection if you purchase it within 14 days after you make your deposit on the trip.

And yes, I think about travel insurance all the time, ever since I read in 1981 how much it cost to get a traveler to a place where he could be treated after having a serious heart attck in some island paradise location with inadequate medical facilities. It would more than bankrupt most of us.

The cost keeps going up, but so do the consequences of not having it.