Subject: Re: Cambria, California
Hi Mary, Cambria is a very nice small coastal town with some good restaurants and a great gallery (lots of glass). If you are expecting a warm beach city, hmmmm. It *might* be or it might be foggy and cool. Probably the weather has more in common with Carmel than further south. Avoid June with the famous June gloom of the California coast. The water is cool anytime of the year. The beaches are not quite as wide as Pismo's but are still sandy and pleasant.

There also are good hikes/walks to take. It is close enough to go to Hearst Castle if you wish and a group of elephant seals has decided to make their home near Piedras Blancas, a short drive north.

I don't want to sound lukewarm about Cambria - we love visiting there. I'm not sure that it would be my first choice for a California beach trip with children. Santa Barbara will be warmer (and more expensive) but still not as busy and metropolitan as the LA area beaches. Perhaps near Del Mar (just north of La Jolla/San Diego area) would be another idea.

Hope this helps. Patti in central California