Subject: Re: Portugal
Hi Ann:

When we planned our trip across Northern Spain and down to Lisbon, we used Don and Linda's Travelogues as a great resource. We flew into Bilbao from Heathrow and out of Lisbon back to Heathrow. Since we already had a car we could not escape driving in both Porto and Lisbon. With a good navigator and some forward planning neither city was particularly difficult , but the traffic is murder during rush hours. If you get caught in it do bring a good book, perhaps War and Peace, for it can take forever to go short distances.

We were there two years ago and noticed that our allegedly new Michelin maps did not show some of the newer highways that were being built at that time. However, they did accurately reflect the secondary roads which we prefer.

A travel tip: sometimes when we are driving in a city where we get hopelessly lost looking for a particular location such as a hotel, we will flag a taxi and one of us will take the taxi to the hotel while our car will follow. That worked a couple of times in South America where some of our city maps were somewhat less than accurate.

Tom in Carlisle