Subject: Re: The heel of the boot? - Puglia

In 1994 (I cannot believe it was that long ago!) a friend and I drove from Napoli to Bari, then flew to Rome. We had only ten days. I think your itinerary is a bit ambitious, even though you are only going to spend a day or two in Napoli.

We were based in Bari, which is really an industrial city with a beautiful waterfront. The only things to see so far as I remember are the castle, which I think was being made into a museum, and the church of St. Nicholas. We drove to Alberobello, and spent half a day wandering around the town. The Adriatic coast is so different from the Tyrrhenian coast--it is much rougher and wilder--that we enjoyed just driving along the coast. We stopped to eat at a restaurant along the sea, but I have no idea what it was called. We were the only tourists there. Another day we went to Castel del Monte, which is interesting, but in the middle of nothing else. We never made it to Brindisi or Otranto, although we thought we would when we started.

I understand there are some interesting Greek ruins in Basilicata, but I cannot remember the name of the town nearby. A woman at work knows about them, and I will ask her. I think the problem you will have is that the roads in the hills of Basilicata are not that great, so the travelling will be slower than in central and northern Italy. That only means it would be harder to see so much.

Whatever you see, I will look forward to hearing about it. Calabria and Basilicata are high on my list since my paternal grandparents families were from there, and I know there are still relatives there.

Will let you know about the Greek ruins.

Lisa in Chicago