Subject: Italy
Hi Linda and Don, I noticed in your recent post that you don't mention a hotel in Bologna. We got back 3 weeks ago from a month in Italy -- 10 days in Emilia Romagna. We stayed here in Bologna: -- great central location and friendly staff. If you plan to stay in Ravenna, which I highly recommend instead of daytripping in, this is an absolutely delightful new hotel -- We also spent a few days in Parma, which is unfortunately neglected by most Americans -- one of Italy's wealthiest towns, with great food, beautiful shops, and a relief after the panhandlers in Bologna. Also spent a week in Montepulciano and 9 days in Rome. If you'd like restaurant recs. in Rome, let me know. Ciao, Ann

Mod's note from Linda: Ann, Of course we'd like restaurant recommendations in any of the places we're visiting - Parma, Florence, Rome, Bologna, Modena, Ferrara, Ravenna, Verona, Bergamo, Milan. Thanks for your hotel tips too! (I had listed only the hotels that are confirmed.) Thanks!