Subject: Re: New members from WIltshire, England
Hello Ian and Carolyn and welcome to the Zine, Your plan to visit Canada from west to east is quite ambitious and I applaud you for considering this great adventure. I am extremely biased on this subject. Having travelled far and wide, I am convinced that this is the most magnificent country in the world and I'm quite sure you know how far it is from point to point. Many years ago, while living in Montreal, a cousin from Surrey visited and wanted to see Vancouver. I had to show him a map to illustrate how far the drive would be and then he changed his mind. So, having said that, ensure that you have lots of time. (By the way Banff, Alberta, is the most beautiful spot on earth. Spend some time there to explore.)

You can easily spend 10 days in Beautiful British Columbia, then another week driving the Prairies. Winnipeg is worth a few days and the drive from the Peg to Toronto can take you three or four days or more if you stop in small towns. Of course, Toronto is worth a week in itself from where you can explore the Niagara Peninsula. Montreal and Quebec City together can easily take up to another week of visiting. You would normally head south from either of these cities to Boston but you will have missed Eastern Canada. Do you see what I mean? This is a HUGE country which could easily absorb a two month holiday. This message reminds me of our visit to Australia where we spent a month and only scratched the surface.

But whatever you choose to do, you will have a fabulous time. Send us mesages about what you would like to see and we can offer suggestions. When you finally land in Toronto, we can have a GTG and hear about what you have seen. Lucy (stuck in Toronto right now)