Subject: Re:The heel of the Boot- puglia

>>There seems to be a gap in places to explore, on the road from Brindisi up to Bari. Any ideas?<<

Sure, Joel, I strongly suggest that you don't miss Polignano a Mare, some 20 Kms from Bari on the coastal road to Brindisi. The attraction here is the Hotel Grotta Palazzese, built ON a cave(which is the restaurant of the hotel). The cave was cited as way back as the late 18th century by savvy travellers, and it's still a breathtaking vista to arrive there in the evening and just peek from the tiny street where the hotel entrance lies,down to the majestic, romantic seascape. The rest of the village (the old core) is also interesting, but ranks second.

I also have a question....Where did you take Zinelinghi ?

Ciao, Leonardo from Italy