Subject: Christmas in Athens
My husband, 21 yr. old daughter, and I are going to Greece the day before Xmas for 10 days. We'll be in Athens over Christmas day and I'd really like to find a very special hotel in which to spend Christmas and perhaps Boxing Day.

I've perused past posts on Athens and found a few possibles for other nights there - ie. Attalos, Hotel Cecil, or Acropolis House. But - any suggestions for more of a splurge for those special days?

Also - my daughter really wanted to go to Santorini (she's a big fan of artist, George Meis) but it looks like we're really coming at the wrong time of year. I don't see any hotels open at all - is it virtually 'closed down'?? Any other island suggestions for December?

Actually - all in all...since I haven't time to do my research yet and, therefore, the itinerary is an 'open book' - any of your favourite places in Greece (that might be ok in winter) would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong