Subject: Re: Montreal
Hi Georgia, The Delta is very convenient to downtown Montreal and you will be able to walk around to most of the spots I will recommend. You haven't qualified your message with particulars, I don't know where you are from, and I don't know what you want to do and see so I will offer suggestions below that are varied.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (1379 Sherbrooke W.) is always worth a visit but you should also check out the Redpath Museum (859 Sherbrooke Street W.) and the McCord Museum (690 Sherbrooke Street W.).

Walk the McGill University campus, entering through the Ruddick Gates, which is a few blocks from your hotel.

Montreal abounds in good restaurants (Le Touquet in old Montreal is among the best of the best and quite expensive - sorry I can't find it on the web but the concierge at your hotel will know it). Every visitor to Montreal should have one smoked meat meal. The classic spots are Ben's (990 de Maisonneuve W.), Dunn's (1219 Phillips Square) also known for its delicious cheesecake, and Moishe's Steak House, (3961 St.Lawrence) - all three are where tourists typically go. But the old stand-by where Montrealers go is Schwartz's (3895 St Laurent). Schwartz's is a Montreal institution. They smoke the meat on the premises, which as the story goes is illegal but the Montreal cops frequent the place and turn a blind eye so the place is still open. There is also the Snowdon Deli (95265, boulevard Décarie) where many Montrealers go on a Sunday.

Crescent Street is chock-a-block with bars which English Montrealers typically visit so all the servers speak English. It's getting into Christmas season so you may be offered roasted chestnuts as you enter the bars and restaurants. A lovely welcome. St. Laurent (St. Lawrence in the restaurant addresses above or The Main as it is known in the local parlance) is more commonly frequented by French speaking Montrealers.

Rue Ste. Catherine (a short walk from your hotel) is the main shopping street so you will find plenty of places to spend your money. You will see Montrealers dressed in the latest fashions which may not suit the weather. This is a very chic City. Walk by the Ogilvy store (1307 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest) and look at the Christmas window. It is a Montreal tradition. If you are there at store closing, a piper will pipe you out a fine old Scottish custom hanging on from the past, and a fond memory for me from my childhood even though the store has changed ownership and Montrealers haved lived through troubled times.

You should take a taxi to Old Montreal. It is one of the most beautiful spots in the city. If you are up early on Satuday, visit the Bonsecours Market. Here's a website for you

I would also advise that you hop in a taxi and ask the driver to take you to the Summit in Westmount. The neighbourhood is old money and there are beautiful mansions to see. Stable, stone houses that will stand for many years. The architcture is magnificent and varied. You can ask the taxi driver to drop you off in a convenient location so you can take the stairs up to Mont Royal and view the city from on high.

A little known area of Montreal is Verdun. It is in the western end of Montreal - a working class neighbourhood with a beautiful boardwalk where you can spend some time along the river.

Finally, if you want to gamble you can always go to the Montreal Casino on Isle Ste. Helene. At least it will get you to the Expo 67 Fairgrounds if you tire of concrete and city.

Take it from someone who grew up in Montreal, it will probably be cold (despite any weather site you check) so bring some cold weather clothes. The Delta is a good choice. Central to everything you will want to see. Le Metro is clean, fast, safe and convenient. It will get you to most places that you want to see.

Have a fabulous time.

Lucy (formerly a Montrealer now in Toronto)